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We are JAVAPRO MACHINERY WORKS that holds services for general machinery, fabricates poultry (chicken) dressing plant machines and equipment, designs special fabrication as per specification, fabricate and repair of gear, rollers, stainless mixer (ribbon type), and screw conveyor. Duplicates and casts of machine parts, metallurgical welding facilities, tig, thermal spray, welding arc, industrial plant machinery maintenance. And all kind of engineering works. and Installation of overhead tank as per design and repair, are humbly proposing business with you in term of engineering services.

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Planning early in the design phase of a project that includes modular construction and fabrication to confirm all activities required to meet cost and schedule objectives must be carefully planned to assure on-time arrivals and to provide for adequate lay down and storage space for projects. While most projects are driven by process and piping considerations, offshore projects are generally controlled by installation and completion requirements.


Whether your job is one-off or an ongoing production run, there is no substitute for your own timely hands-on presence to ensure every critical details of process and services. We facilitates This sort of hands-on contact at JAVAPRO MACHINERY WORKS, we welcome clients engineers and QC personnel for walk through of every stage of planning and production, and to be on-site to oversee our own stringent quality control standards.


We demand close coordination for overcoming challenges and making changes from concepts to design, to computer simulations, to prototyping and beyond, each product is unique and requires some level of coordination and approval stages. Some can be done long-distance, but some benefits significantly from face-to-face collaboration and problem solving. We JAVAPRO MACHINERY WORKS prove its worth.

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